July and August

Good Morning Everyone! My apologies for the delay in blog updates. This summer has been very busy and I wanted to give a quick update on all of this!

  • The R Street Block Party in Sacramento was a huge success! It was great meeting so many talented artists from Northern California. The event was well organized and fun to participate in. I look forward to working with Beth again soon!
  • My fiber art piece Commute Landscape was part of a group show (Wake, Sleep, Repeat) at the Adobe Art Gallery in Castro Valley
  • On July 22 I hosted a teaching workshop at the Women's Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles. The workshop, Artists Teaching Art, helped creative individuals explore education as a career path! I am so grateful that the WCCW exists as a feminist space, and look forward to collaborating with them in the future!
  • During the month of August I will be showing my artwork at Chromatic Coffee in Santa Clara. As many of you know, Chromatic is one of my FAVORITE coffee shops, so I am very excited about being able to use the space to display my work. I will be showing a portion of my new series of work titled please bear with me. The work will be up August 4th until the end of the month and all of the pieces are for sale!